Are shoe materials to blame for the sensitive skin conditions on your kids’ feet?

Choosing the right shoes for your kids is definitely a challenging task.  Not only do they have to be aesthetic and versatile, but they also have to be protective for children's feet.  Don’t worry! Melissa got you covered – Mini Melissa incorporates a riot of colors into designing jelly shoes for kids.  Just like the adult ones, Mini Melissa footwear ranges from sandals, flip flops to flats.  Moreover, it often produces crossover products with children’s favourite characters from Disney, Hello Kitty, etc.  The exclusive production technology made Melissa shoes water-resistant, fit your feet comfortably and smell pleasantly with a fruity scent.  They are amazing shoes for both kids and adults.  The following tips are for those who have been looking for great shoes for their kids:

  1. Skin-friendly shoe material that is hypoallergenic

We all know that young kids have softer and thinner skin compared to adults, which is why extra care is required to prevent any allergic reaction. Melissa jelly shoes’ patent PVC material - Meflex® is hypoallergenic that does not cause allergic reaction, minimizing irritation to children’s vulnerable skin. Therefore, Mini Melissa shoes are perfect for your kid’s sensitive skin.

Mini Melissa shoes are perfect for your kid’s sensitive skin.

  1. Right amount of softness provides comfort and support

Softer does not mean better for kid’s footwear. In fact, since their bones, joints and ligament, as well as sense of balance, are still developing, shoes that are too soft fail to provide enough support and protection as children may bump their feet onto random objects accidentally. All Mini Melissa shoes come with soft insoles and feature velcro straps to ensure they do not slip off while offering protection to kids' feet. The closed style shoes for kids are designed with extra protection at the toebox with a highly bendable vamp, which allow kids to run and move around freely. In addition, the sole has the right amount of softness to support kids’ feet.


The soles of Melissa shoes have the right amount of softness to support kids’ feet.

  1. Water-resistant, easy-to-clean and non-slip

Built with patent rubber material - Melflex®, Melissa jelly shoes can be worn under any weather as it is water-resistant and non-slip, perfect for rainy days and beach days. They are also very easy-to-clean. You only have to wipe them gently with wet towel or wipes after every wear and put them in shady and cool area for air-dry. That can prevent most of the bacteria and dirt from retaining on your kid’s shoes. 

  1. Wide range of sizes and styles

Melissa shoes are made for different ages, from 6-month-old to adult. Some of the styles have both adult and kid versions. Time to get a matching parent-child outfit! Moreover, Melissa comes up with fashionable design and collaborates with different cartoon characters, including Mickey and Friends, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid. This year, Melissa debuted their Sweet Dreams Collection which features noctilucent elements on the shoes that brighten up yours kids day and night!

Melissa collaborates with Disney including Mickey and Friends, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid.

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