The Secret Behind Melissa’s Jelly Shoes: Plastic but Environmentally Friendly

Originating from Brazil, Melissa jelly shoes are soft and fitted, providing you with extra comfort. There are a wide range of styles to choose from and collections featured with several famous designers. Moreover, high water resistance makes Melissa shoes wearable under any weather, which is why they are essentials in your wardrobe. It’s also worth noting that Melissa has always valued eco-friendliness. Not only are our jelly shoes 100% recyclable, but the production process also complies with the principle of sustainability. 

Made of patent Melflex® material, Melissa shoes are using our unique technology, each pair of shoes smell sweet just like bubble gum. To ensure safety for our customers, our shoes are even certified by International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Plastic doesn’t necessarily translate into non-environmentally friendly products, at least not Melissa shoes. They are all 100% recyclable and will not harm the environment.

Made of patent Melflex® material.

If you love animals, you can choose Melissa jelly shoes without any concerns. Shoes that are marked with the ox head icon means they are made 100% of real plastic. No animal ingredients are used at all as raw ingredients nor as auxiliary materials in its production, including finishing process (glossy, matte, flocking) and no animal testing.

During the production process, Melissa insists on saving energy to reduce damages to the environment.

During the production process, Melissa insists on saving energy to reduce damages to the environment as much as possible. Since 2013, renewable energy has taken up 85% of the total energy consumption of the production process, and the energy consumption for each pair of jelly shoes was reduced by 15.2%. We also use as little fresh water as possible.  In fact, our goal is to reuse 100% of sewage generated in our production process by the end of 2020.  In addition, residual materials from manufacturing process and the overflowing stocks in the market will be recycled and made into new shoes.

Apart from the above, Melissa always promotes environmental awareness. In 2019, we conducted a shoe collection campaign with Friends of the Earth (HK). 

Driven by the idea of loving our planet and animals, Melissa shoulders the responsibility of promoting sustainability, from developing raw ingredients to production and lastly to disposal. You deserve a pair of jelly shoes produced by such an eco-friendly brand!

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