Misperceptions on Jelly shoes! Are they uncomfortable to wear? Have you experienced Melissa’s  latest designs?

Spring & Summer are the seasons for sandals, but your shoes are also more likely to be ruined by the frequent rain and puddles on the road. Except wearing rain boots every day, you can choose shoes that originating from Brazil, Melissa jelly shoes this year come with young urban and new feminine styles that are water-resistant, stylish, and non-slip. They are perfect for rainy seasons and are easy to clean using wet tissues

Made of a unique patent rubber material - Melflex®, Melissa footwear is soft and fitted to different foot shapes. Apart from the materials, Melissa also works on its design to provide more comfort, such as the mini open-toe design on flats, or cut-out, weave design, and adding perforations on the toebox or shoe body.  Even when your feet get drenched on a rainy day, Melissa's shoes still keep them comfortable. 

Open-toe design on Melissa flats

Other than that, Melissa jelly shoes are also water-resistant, which makes it well-resistant to stains. You can wipe off stains, simply by a wet towel.  Low maintenance for the win!

Melissa jelly shoes are functional and stylish. You can find a pair for every occasion, from flats, pumps, sandals, flip flops to casual shoes, etc. Melissa also collaborates with a number of top designers. Below lists out the most significant collections that you must not miss:

  1. Campana Brothers Collection

Melissa has crossover with Campana Brothers since 2014. It features with a weaved bird nest design, giving your feet the highest level of breathability. The collection ranges from flats, casual shoes, long boots, and kids' shoes with multiple colorways.

Campana Brothers Collection

  1. Jason Wu Collection

It's been 14 years since Melissa’s first collaboration with Chinese American designer - Jason Wu.  This season (Spring Sumer 2020), Jason Wu brings us bright color footwear, including flats, sandals, etc. The Melissa Camilla + Jason Wu open-toe flats and Melissa Mule II + Jason Wu high heel sandals deserve the spotlight. They both feature in a unique weave pattern with multiple perforations on the shoe body, which make them perfect for summer outdoor time!

Jason Wu Collection

  1. Salinas collection

From the most recent collaborations with renowned Brazilian beachwear brand Salinas, the Melissa Dance + Salinas, Melissa Flash sandal + Salinas and Melissa Cosmic II + Salinas are the sandals with young urban style filled with details that embody the cool essence of this partnership. Rope-inspired textures are seen in this shoe's structural sinuous lines. They are ready for the sand, downtown, or wherever you might go.

Salinas collection