Jelly Shoes is Your Best Travel Partner

Unlike makeups or skincare products which are often available in travel size, Shoes always take up the most space in your luggage. You don't want to pack too many shoes that overload your luggage or take up precious space saved for souvenirs, but you also don't want to pack too few that you have to stick to the same ones everyday. Especially if you are going for a longer trip, you want more shoes and handbags to create different looks . Plus, if it happens to rain during the trip, you need another pair of shoes to change. This is where Melissa jelly shoes and bags come into play.

Melissa Jelly Shoes Are Soft and Easy to Carry Around

Melissa jelly shoes are made with a patent PVC material - MELFLEX®, which makes them soft, lightweight, and therefore easy to carry around with. It can easily fit into that tight corner in your suitcase. Melissa sneakers are also made with 100% soft PVC material so they are not easy to deform and get damaged even when they are squished inside your luggage. What’s more, Melissa jelly shoes are water-resistant and therefore easy-to-clean.  You don’t have to worry when walking on muddy roads or when you are enjoying street foods since they can be cleaned with a wipe or by rinsing under water.  They dry instantly and are ready to go right away.  


Melissa Harmonic flip flops are lightweight and come with a matching jelly bag, perfect for the beach!


Get an Exquisite Jelly Bag to Highlight Your Look

Other than jelly shoes, Melissa also carries jelly bags made with the same patent material to match with different looks in different seasons. This season, we have Melissa Love Bag. Available in red and pink, it is perfect for photo-shoot on your trips while providing functionality - you can easily fit your phone, wallet, lipstick, aerosol spray in it (watch our customer review). Melissa Clutch+Salinas which gives a holiday vibe, is perfect for the beach or a sunny day out. It also comes in a smaller size, great for saving space in your luggage.

Ladies and girls, Melissa Love Bag will look great on you!

Melissa Clutch+Salinas gives a holiday vibe, perfect for the beach or a sunny day out.

Here are some packing tips for you:

  • Make a list: listing out what you need to pack beforehand can save you a lot of time because you just have to follow. No-brainer! Take out everything you need, then arrange the space. Done!
  • Place heavy objects close to the wheels: if you put heavy objects close to the handle, other things in the luggage will be squeezed down. Therefore, remember to put heavier objects closer to the wheels.
  • Use zipper bags: you may already know that rolling your clothes before putting them in the luggage can save space. But you know what, placing them in a zipper bag before rolling can save even more! No air, more space!