Sandals with socks? It's the new trend!

Weather has become warmer and warmer that winter almost disappeared in Hong Kong. With more people wearing sandals all year round, Melissa brought to you a wide range of styles with different colors and designs for different occasions. Matching sandals and socks has been the new fashion in recent years. Different colors and patterns on socks can highlight your look. However, before we go shopping for funky socks, let's learn more about how to pick your socks well.

Match Socks With Your Bottoms, Not Your Shoes

Socks can go with sandals, sneakers and different casual shoes. But what we usually miss out is that we should focus more on the color of our bottoms, instead of the shoes. It's better for your socks to be in the same color tone as your bottoms or slightly deeper (except denim jeans). Length-wise, the longer is not always the better. The most optimal length is between your ankle and mid-shin, because socks too short will cover the thinnest part of your ankles, which doesn’t not flatter the proportion of your legs.

Socks Can Be Simple or Stylish

Sandals provide less coverage so if you want to create different styles with the same pair of shoes, socks can help! Minimalists can pair plain sandals with simple patterned socks, such as polka dots, checkered, or even little heart pattern. If you prefer a more stylish look, you can go for a bolder pattern, such as golden/silvery color or socks with little fur balls. Melissa has a big collection of sandals and flip flops that you can match creatively with different socks!


Other than styling, socks also have its functionality:

  • Avoid awkwardness caused by foot hygiene, especially for those who tend to sweat more. Socks can act as a buffer between your feet and sandals to prevent foot sweat from accumulating in a short period of time and causing odour. Made of 100% PVC material, Melissa sandals can be easily cleaned anytime by simply wiping with a wet tissue paper. No more awkwardness from your feet!
  • Conceal your dry heels. Find your feet cracking and flaking right before heading out? Putting on a pair of thin, light socks can save you right away. It's breathable and stylish. Now you are good to go!

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