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Melissa Plastic Dreams Summer Issue 2019

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Summer’s here. Bag and Shoe Trends You Are About To Be Seeing Everywhere!
It’s summer and it’s rather hot and raining. The weather brings challenging outfit issue, therefore you should dress wisely and chic with different styles. Melissa launches the on-the-go bags and shoes from rain boots and sandals, to adults and kids, the fashionista is ready for the summer time!

Melissa Rain Boot

Do you know the fashion girls are using rain boots to ground their best looks? We always find it is easier to slip into these practical, versatile and fashionable shoes on a rainy day. Melissa’s latest rain boots add pit on the shoes sole for less slippery, while the roll-down details with mixed fabric and contrasted color, together with embedded logo, making the rain boots as a fashion statement. Melissa rocks the go-to black rain boots with colorful glitter in the dull and dark rainy day.

Mini Melissa Rain Boot

Toddler girls can pick the Mini Melissa Rain Boots which keep their feet dry. Don’t forget to put on the mommy-daughter shoes and enjoy a happy splashing moment!

Sandals Collection

It is not a surprise that the subtle trendsetters obsess with Melissa Boemia sandals series. Boemia marries the classic design with structured straps which brings comfort to the ladies, the color palette is matt color shades of white and dark green color, while the shoe buckles are simple and timeless. Allowing you to incorporate a sense of unisex style with hemp flared skirt or wide-leg pants, letting the footwear captivate onlookers.

Flip Flop Collection

For those who are looking for effortless minimalist outfit ideas in summer, flip-flop is the perfect option that you won’t be able to resist, especially if you want to dress in a laid-back and relax style. Embellished with glittering floral, summer breeze pops up on Melissa Harmonic Garden Chrome shoes, a flowing maxi dress is always a great outfit to wear with the colourful floral pastel shoes. Stylish girls are recommended to pick the Flip Flop Animal Print rendered in trend-forward leopard patterns, embellished with gold & pink color and glitter ribbon, the unique feminism peeks out from the shoes.

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