Know Your Shapes and Curves to Find The Right Fit + Top Tips for Choosing Pointy Shoes

Buying shoes sounds simple and easy, but do you really know how to pick the right shoes? Now with the prevalence of online shopping, buying shoes can’t get easier. Nonetheless, that also makes it a challenge to choose the right style and sizing because we don’t get to try them on before we buy. Although we are all born to pursue beauty, wearing shoes that don’t fit can actually injure our feet! Here are 3 tips for you to pick the right shoes:

Tips 1: Know your foot shape

Everyone has a different foot shape and fits into different shoe styles.  Walking in the wrong style of shoes not only makes you uncomfortable, but also pressures your toes, causes blisters, bleeding, and even deformation in the long run. In general, Asian foot shapes can be categorized into the following 3 types - “Egyptian Toe”, “Greek Toe” and “Roman Toe”. You can choose the right shoe styles based on that.

Foot shape
Egyptian Toe
Greek Toe
Roman Toe
The most common foot shape
A long big toe, followed by the other toes tapering at a 45 degree angle
Often referred to as the “Beauty Foot”
A protruding second toe, like an inverted V-shape
The first three toes being of the same length, with the last two in descending order.
Styles for you
Inclined Pointed-toe, Round Toe
Round Toe, Square Toe, Ballerinas
Things to keep in mind
Avoid pointy or narrow shoes that will pressure your big toe, which may cause bunion.
Most suitable for pointy shoes since the longest toe is in the middle and pointed-toe offers more space in that spot.
Wider feet in general so better choose shoes with a wider toe box


Tips 2: Measure Your Foot Length and Width

To choose the right shoes, we first have to know our foot size. All you need is a paper, a pen and a ruler. 

Step on the paper and outline your feet. The distance between your longest toe and the back of your heel is the length; while distance across the widest part of your foot is the width. Make sure to draw with a pen in a position perpendicular to the paper to get the most accurate measurement.

When choosing shoe size, apart from referring to the length, don’t forget to adjust according to the width of your foot.  If it exceeds 9cm, it’s considered wide foot, and thus you are advised to pick half or one size larger. If it’s smaller than 9cm, you can just pick normal size and may wear the shoes with inserts.

When measuring foot length and width, make sure you measure both feet because they may be uneven. If you have this issue, choose a size that fits your bigger foot. You can put inserts in the smaller side. You can also tighten up the shoelace more on the smaller side.

Tips 3: Pointy shoes need to be fitted and leave you some space

Pointy shoes can make you appear taller and slimmer but a wrong pair may cause blisters, calluses on your sole, deformed toes, bunion, etc.  So, we have to be extra careful when we buy pointed-toe shoes. 

To leave some more space for your front foot and toes, it’s better to take 1 to 2 size up, or have at least 2.5 cm space in the toe cap. For better comfort, it’s best to choose pointed-toe shoes based on your foot shape. For instance, “Egyptian Toe” with long big toe can choose inclined pointed-toes, while “Roman Toe” needs to choose pointed-toes with more space in the toe cap to avoid squished toes.

Friendly reminder - wearing pointy shoes for the whole day may put too much pressure on your feet.  If it’s for work or a special event, you can consider bringing a pair of comfortable flats to switch and relax your feet when possible.

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