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RECOUNTER is inspired by Milano life and designed for Milano women. Even in Italy what women want to wear constantly changes. RECOUNTER is designed by Italian designers who have one eye on current fashion and one eye on the future.

RECOUNTER was born in Milan in 2016 to serve women looking for edgy fashion with comfort and warmth in mind. We cross materials, contrasting Plastic with Synthetic Leathers and contrasting colours in unique ways to offer a dynamic women’s collection which aims to inspire and empower the wearer!


We don’t use Leathers or animal materials because we know using these materials has holistically a negative impact on the environment. Our Italian design team is focussed on developing footwear in a socially conscience manner consequently we only use high-quality synthetic materials that only have a sustainable impact on the holistic environment.


RECOUNTER is young and we have started with a small collection for FW-17 but please be patient as there is so much more to come from RECOUNTER for future seasons!

Get excited!