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Sand Free Mats To Enjoy Visit To Beach & Park!

Now that summer is here; if you are the kind of person who enjoys spending a lot of time outside, then you might want to consider the purchase of sand free mat for pool or patio. These come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials, and by going online; you should have no trouble finding just the right mat for your lifestyle. If you are getting ready to pack up the car and the kids and head to the beach, then there is one last thing that you should not forget – sand free mat for the beach. It seems that most of us somehow forget to pack these items every year and end up paying way too much for them when we reach our destination. The truth is that you don't have to pay a lot for sand free mat for the beach, and by planning ahead and buying them online early, you can not only get what you want, but you can get mats that are nicer, sturdier, will last longer, and are more stylish than those ratty rattan mats you pay a lot for when you get to the beach.

What Should You Look For?

Perhaps the first thing that you should look for when you are buying a sand-free mat for the beach is the overall level of sturdiness. These mats will be dragged across sand and dirt, and they will get wet, and they will be abused - so you will need a mat that can hold up. Especially if you are looking for mats that will last more than one summer, you should make sure you pay close attention to the stitching and all of the seams. Some mats are designed to get wet, while others really don't hold up under too much water, so keep that in mind. If you plan on putting the mat on wet sand or will be sitting on it in a wet bathing suit, then you should buy one that is antibacterial and will not allow mold to grow. This is extremely important for long-term usage. It's also important for kids health if you have kids at home as toddlers may even lick these mats, therefore, you have to have them as clean as possible.

What About Comfort?

Some of the older styles of the sand free mat for the beach were solely for protecting you from sand and bugs and not for your comfort. Now, however, more people are choosing mats that are more comfortable and even luxurious. You can buy mats that are made from soft terry cloth, mats with pillows and headrests, and even mats that have built-in cup holders for your convenience. As you can surely see, you will have a much greater selection of mats if you shop online than if you shop at the local corner store when you get to the beach! By shopping on the Internet, you can take advantage of search functions and sort the various mats that are available by size, color, material, price, or features. This makes finding the right mat for you much easier. Remember that if you are buying a sand free mat for the beach, you should also consider buying smaller ones for the kids. They like having their own mats on which to play, and they will have a lot of fun with ones that come with their own carrying bag. This is a great time to do your shopping for this summer, and you might even find that you can get several mats online for the same price that you might pay for just one at the beach.


CGear技術令沙子被過濾到沙灘墊下, 並且不會再倒流到墊面,帶給你一個舒適的無沙環境。你想體驗無沙帶來的樂趣嗎?

sandlite video


設計來自“多重編織技術”,CGear的濾沙墊專為海灘和戶外活動而設計。 獲得專利的多層編織層技術將沙子過濾到濾沙墊的底部,並防止沙子倒流到墊面,帶給你革新的無沙體驗。濾沙墊採用柔軟的網狀設計,並有多種顏色,更有不同尺寸以供選擇,為你打造一個既時尚又嶄新的户外體驗。2米乘2米的濾沙墊更適合一家大小到户外享受天倫之樂。


Quicksand Mat provides a smooth top surface. In addition to its unique benefits on the beach,the Quicksand Mat has many alternative purposes. Because it is made from resilient materials it is easily cleaned,therefore it is an all-round outdoor Mat to place in the back of the car to take to soccer games, picnics, anywhere!Spillage from drinks, wet grass and dirt are not an inconvenience as these pass straight through creating a dry surface almost instantly. No machine washing - simply wash with a hose.


媒體/購物網站 推薦 The New York Times 紐約時報 8×8英尺的CGEAR濾沙墊最初是為了過濾軍用直升機在降落時被吹起的灰塵,後來應用到沙灘上,承諾為用家提供一個無沙體驗。墊面的紫外線防護功能,更可用於遮擋陽光。


Cool Thinks 醋物網 我很喜歡露營,尤其是在手機壞了的時候。不過露營總是存在一個問題,無論你多頻繁地清理,沙子和泥土總是在帳篷裡出現,弄髒你的東西,更令你躺著時感到不舒服。使用了CGEAR濾沙墊之後,我就可以省去這些不便。

Cool Things