About Ventolation



Ventolation looks like any normal shoe, until you look closer. We have designed a patented system providing a swift abatement system where sand and water fall through the perforated insole to the built-in columns underneath. A center elevation assists the contents to fall left or right swiftly exiting through the channels. All this equates to a sand and water free experience not equaled by other makers.

The insole is positioned onto columns which acts to rapidly expel sand and water but also allows your feet to effectively stand on air. These columns are spaced apart providing less surface area under your feet allowing for much greater air circulation therefore a much cooler experience. This is what we refer to as rotary ventilation.



SAND FREE shoes for children ensure they don't bring the beach home or back to the car providing any parent the feeling of tremendous satisfaction. Your kids Ventolation provides you and them a sand-free life! Sand, water and air are effortlessly propelled through our patented design ultimately providing a sand free day out for you.

Comfort is key when we set out to develop our range and with the sand-free life collection this enables us to provide a well-designed and well priced shoe that serves a real benefit to you.



We are currently developing more collections includeing a fall/winter and a weekend range for more formal occasions. Our soles with holes will keep you clean and comfortable for all members of the family.

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