Nude Colours - Soft, Elegant Look for Every Occasion

 Women love shoes. It's in our blood. When it comes to wardrobe essentials, nude colour shoes are certainly one of them. They have been popular among fashion gurus because nude colours that are close to our skin tone can make us appear slimmer and taller.  Nude shoes are also low-key enough to go well with all colours and styles of outfit. Knowing what women want, Melissa offers shoes in a nude colourway to fulfill your need for different occasions. Now, let's take a look at the below tips of wearing nude shoes.

Nude pointed-toe shoes

We all know that pointed-toe shoes flatter our foot and enhance the silhouette of our legs. In nude colours, they become even more versatile! Even when you want to fully relax your feet and wear flats, pointed-toe design gives a similar illusion of lengthening your legs just like heels, while providing extra comfort. Nude pointed-toes are perfect for all dresses and skirts to give an elegant look.  You can also match them with tight pants or jeans to create that fresh, sophisticated look. 

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Melissa POINTY flats have been our classics. Some of them come with nude colour, such as POINTY III AD and POINTY HEART AD. If you prefer a more hipster look, go for POINTY III AD. The little bow on top adds a feminine vibe. If you prefer a sweet and soft look, POINTY HEART AD is perfect for you - look at that cute and fresh golden heart! We also have Melissa Spider which is pointed-toe as well.  Its cut-out design exposes your instep more, beautifying your legs.

Nude sandals/flip flops

Sandals are an essential item in summer, and nudes colours raise their versatility. What you have to pay attention is, since sandals reveal more skin, if you pick ones that are way lighter than your complexion, your skin will appear duller and darker. On the contrary, if the nude shade is way darker than your skin colour, your legs may be visually cut into segments, making them look unnatural. So, when buying nude sandals, make sure you get a shade that is close to your complexion.

Left: Melissa Harmonic Sweet II AD / Right: Melissa Carbon

Melissa Model

Melissa MODEL AD and MULE II AD feature a thicker heel to elongate your legs with a good amount of comfort. They match well with those trendy wide leg pants to easily create an effortless look. If you want your feet to be fully relaxed and feel the most comfort, CARBON AD sandals that come with unique contrasting colourways are great for you. If you love going to the beach in summer, nude colour HARMONIC SWEET II AD is the pair of flip flops you must not miss. Those large double bows on the strap can definitely bring out your sweetness.