Nail Your Job Interview: You Need a Pair of Soft and Decent-looking Jelly Shoes

Graduation season is right around the corner. Job searching has undoubtedly been the top priority of all prospective graduates out there. Dressing for success is a big part of the interview process because it helps leave a great impression to your potential employer. Classic oxford shoes, loafers, mid-high heels or a pair of trendy pointed-toe flats should do the job. You can pick your shoes according to your personal character and the job position you applied for.

Melissa has a wide range of jelly shoes to choose from. You can pick your best interview shoes considering the following 3 aspects:

Different Styles Give a Different Impression 

A pair of simple pointed-toe flats goes well with suit and can make you appear more professional and mature. It's suitable for jobs which require working independently. On the other hand, round-toe flats look more exquisite and agile and therefore are for jobs that require more interactions with people. Melissa has a number of styles for you to choose from, including flats, wedges, pointed-toe and round-toe.  You can definitely find something that suits you and the role.

(Left: Melissa Doll V/ Right: Melissa Pointy III)

Melissa round-toe and pointed-toe shoes are popular choices among OLs.

Simple to Unique Designs for Different Occasions and Characters

If you are applying for jobs in the creative industry, don't be afraid to add some fun to your shoes. Shoes in bright, bold colors with details on the toe cap can highlight your character. 

Melissa has been collaborating with different designers to bring about a variety of unique styles. For example, Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood have worked together with Melissa on jelly shoes. This year, we continue to create jelly shoes that feature femininity with American Chinese designer - Jason Wu.

Melissa has been working with a number of famous designers. (Credit:

Jason Wu continues collaboration with Melissa this year to produce a series of jelly shoes that highlight femininity.

Jason Wu Jelly Shoes Collection:

Patent PVC Material Makes Cleaning Easier Than Ever

If you are a minimalist, you must be a fan of all-white outfits. But pay attention when you pick your white shoes, since they are much more susceptible to spots and stain. You don't want to wear a pair of stained white shoes on the day of your interview. Made with patent PVC material - MELFLEX®, Melissa jelly shoes are water-resistant and very easy to clean. Muddy puddle or food sauce won't be able to stay. Moreover, Melissa jelly shoes are soft and fitted, providing comfort as you power-walk to your interview venue. 

Melissa jelly shoes are made with patent PVC material - MELFLEX®.  Not only are they water-resistant, but also soft and fitted, providing comfort in walking.